Who is Ridgeline?


Co-Founder and Director

Rich’s riding pedigree dates back to the Surrey Alps in London where he earned the name ‘Knows No Fear’ for his approach to big jumps. It wasn’t until taking up a full time guiding position at Riviera Bike in Northern Italy did he truly find the love for riding and trail building. In December 2014, on an island in Indonesia, the decision was finally made to go for the full adventure and to set up his own and new riding destination in the Tuscan Apennines. When not on his bike you can find Rich snowboarding, surfing waves or drinking red wine.


Co-Founder and Director

Sandra’s passion truly lies in being outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer, be it on a mountain bike, on the back of a horse or on a surfboard in the sea. That’s why that mentioned day on the island, it was a no brainer for her to join Rich and fully commit to developing their own mountain biking destination. Through her profession as an environmental consultant for companies like adidas, she understands sustainability at grass roots level and ensures that Mr. ‘Knows No Fear’ considers the environmental impact when building jumps.


Guide and Trail Builder

With Simone’s vision and engagement, West Coast Trails was founded, and a whole mountain above the coast of Massa has been turned into a mountain biking heaven. The West Coast Trails guys were one of the first friends and supporters of Ridgeline, helping to shape this new destination and great riding experience. Especially Simone, who is a passionate mountain biker, mechanic and amazing trail builder.


Guide and Trail Builder

Davide is a passionate Enduro racer, rugby player and beer brewer. Ridgeline’s guests all fall in love with him, and not only because he likes to organise a beer tasting after the ride with him! You will always see him smiling and fully committed on a bike, even after a crash or the worst hang over. Besides organising the Toscano Enduro Series and other great events such as ‘Beer Trails’, he still finds time to train little kids mountain biking.


Guide and Adventurer

Riding with Tiziano is always a true adventure! Friends call him ‘The Living GPS’ as he knows every little corner and trail of the Tuscan Apennines. Tiziano is one of the true mountain biking pioneers and spends every free minute on his bike. When riding with Tiziano, you can be assured of some hike a bike to the top, lot’s of laughing under the influence of some classic rock and a well-deserved beer at the end of the day.


Guide and Trail Builder

Nicola joined the team in 2017 after coming back from a four year around the World trip. Although he spent some time riding and racing in some of the World’s most incredible MTB destinations like Scotland, Nepal and Australia he decided there is no better place than home. Good for us, having him on board and spreading the love for our Tuscan trails with our guests.


In addition to the mentioned ones, which you will mainly see in the forefront, there has been overwhelming support by many great local mountain bikers and other friends helping throughout the entire operations. Ranging from trail builders, professional photographers and graphic designers to gear sponsors.

Special thanks to the photographers who contributed to this website: Stefan Voitl, Ian Robertson, Ines Männl, Matteo Dunchi and Michele Chiroli.